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The Largest Russian Martial Art School In The USA.

The Best Self Defense School in St. Louis for Two Years In A Row.




St. Louis Systema teaches the ability to survive and prevail in stressful, dangerous and violent situations in as close to actual environments as possible, in addition to states of extreme duress, and exhaustion. St. Louis Systema's training philosophy is based on the principles and philosophy of Systema - the Russian Martial Art. With this combat system, special uniforms and belts are irrelevant. We are not fitness trainers who teach self defense. We don’t focus on learned stances and drills. We focus on teaching battle-proven skills that are quick, unsportsmanlike & lethal, and focus on a body’s natural positioning and movement to be able to efficiently strike, absorb a strike, avoid and re-direct from any position.

Our training philosophy is not to be confused with any traditional fighting arts and/or combat sports fighting systems. We are not in the business of taking years to teach a client how to incapacitate or eliminate even the most basic fighter, but rather months, comparable to the time a special ops soldier has to prepare for an operation.

There are just too many aspects of traditional fighting arts and sports-based fighting systems that are life-threateningly impractical and inefficient for the street and actual brutal violence.


All classes are instructed by members of the St. Louis Police Department, former Military, and U.S. State Department Protection Specialists.


Why settle for anyplace else?


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